/ICON Collective/

This is my very personal tribute to all those icons and myths that are with me and inspire me in my work and life.
To those moments when fashion, music, cinema, in short, art and culture and its creators and masters, offered me a broader,
magical and more beautiful vision of the world.
Each of these ICONS contains a very personal mixture of this eclectic references collected in my particular imaginary over the years.

This is a collection of hand made, non generative, I/I NFTs, released into the metaverse over time.

OpenSea – ICON Collective

* First Drop / 2-2-22 / 0.1 Ξ / SOLD OUT

* Second Drop / 22-2-22 / 0.2 Ξ / SOLD OUT /

* From that moment on, next Icons will be added to the Collective from time to time


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